NLRS Educational models

An important step for Dutch education, the NLRS and the Revit Standards!
Starting from March ’18, educational institutions no longer have to seek their salvation in American Revit Models to teach Dutch students how to BIM.

Uniform BIM-graduating students thanks to the educational models of the Revit Standards Foundation.

BIM can no longer be ignored from the building industry. A nice development, but one with a side note. With a rising demand for skilled BIM people, the shortage is also growing. And although educational institutions are responding to this by offering BIM-related courses, no uniformly educated BIM-mers have graduated, which doesn’t benefit the general cooperation in the industry.

To teach students how to BIM, many education institutions use Revit software from Autodesk. But the American BIM models that are being used as an example in their course material are not in line with the Dutch use of BIM.

“For example, American models are drawn differently and in the American building industry other things in the BIM model are important,” says Martijn de Riet, BIM Engineering professor at Avans+ in Breda.

The result is that, in those American models, educational institutions are looking for ways to teach Dutch students the tips and tricks of BIM.

“They devise all kinds of solutions and their own working methods,” says De Riet, who is also a BIM consultant at Bimforce. “Everyone who graduates school uses a different approach in BIM, which makes a good cooperation difficult. And that cooperation is particularly essential in BIM.”

Uniformity in education

An undesirable situation, according to Avans+ and the Summa College in Eindhoven. To create uniformity in the education for all future BIM engineers, managers and modellers, they found the Revit Standards Foundation prepared to develop Dutch course material. Objective: relatively simple building models, in which all aspects of modeling in the Netherlands are included.

For the translation of the American models into the Dutch customs, RSF sought collaboration with its stakeholders. As a member of the RSF Technical Commission, De Riet was responsible for the execution of the architectural modeling work. “Bimforce has realized the architectural and structural models and Witas the installation-technical models. The aim is to have these models, but especially the IFC exports from the models, validated by buildingSMART Benelux for compliance with the Open Standard IFC and the BIM Basis ILS. “

The Dutch educational models are expected to be ready for use in August. On these models, educational institutions can develop and exchange course material that is connected to the Dutch market. A complete set of documents is provided: “The models are built according to the Dutch Revit Standard (NLRS), a link with Industry Foundation Class (IFC) is arranged and the associated project documents such as BIM Protocol, BIM Implementation Plan and Information Delivery Specification (ILS) have been drawn up. “

Solution for the entire industry

Not only for the educational sector, but also for the construction sector, the models are a godsend: “Everywhere I implement Revit software, I get the same questions because Dutch templates and examples are missing,” says De Riet. “Thanks to the educational models, we can immediately familiarize new Revit users with the software.”

For RSF this project offers an excellent opportunity to show that the NLRS is working well and that models with this uniform data processing are feasible. “An additional advantage is that people who graduate school are already familiar with this open standard. They already know the benefits of working with NLRS and will propagate the standard. “


The RSF sees many possibilities for expanding the documents. Think of links with other software such as Navisworks or Solibri, but also the further elaboration of the models to a higher level of detail. This is further elaborated in cooperation with interested parties.

In principle, the models are released under the same Creative Commons license that applies to the Dutch Revit Standard. The Revit Standards Foundation will consult with the participating educational institutions about the moment of publication.

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On to the next step: creating a Belgian version of these educational models!